The following is the doctoral research completed by our graduates:

Claire Arnold-Baker (2015)  How becoming a mother involves a confrontation with existence: an existential phenomenological exploration of the experience of early motherhood (DCPsych)

John Ashworth (2011)  The experience of providing psychotherapeutic interventions to people with neurological conditions – an existential phenomenological investigation (DCPsych)

Tom Barber (2017)  The Forgotten Emotion: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis into the Lived Experience of Anger in Young Men (DProf)

Fernanda Barros (2013)  An exploration of choice in heroin addiction: ‘An interpretative phenomenological analysis of a small sample of people in recover’ (DCPsych)

John Bennett (2014)  ‘A good night out’ (voices of ‘binge’ drinkers): a phenomenological investigation of binge drinking women in Yorkshire (DCPsych)

Rochelle Benning (2013)  The expatriate trailing partner’s experience: a sample from Honduras – an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (DProf)

Agatha Benyera-Mararike (2017)  The meaning and experience of receiving HIV post-test psychological counselling by African childbearing migrant women from a culturally appropriate counselling model in comparison to classical western models: An interpretative phenomenological analysis (DCPsych)

Victoria Brown (2015)  When passions run high: a phenomenological exploration of the emotional experience of the therapeutic relationship in existential psychotherapy (DCPsych)

Christos Christophy (2017) The Problem of Pain: A heuristic and structural existential analysis of unexplained physical pain (DCPsych)

Tania D’Aloia (2016)  An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis into outlook and emotional wellbeing of adult individuals who live years after surviving sudden cardiac arrest (DCPsych)

Josephine Davies (2015)   A phenomenological exploration into the lived experience of childfree women aged 45-55 (DProf)

Matilda De Santis (2015)  The lived experience of therapeutic work in the midst of grief: an existential phenomenological study (DCPsych)

Luisa Escudero (2015)  How the experience of being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder affects relations with others and one’s self-perception – an existential phenomenological study (DCPsych)

Nicole Gehl (2011)  The experience for London women of marriage as a choice and transition: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (DProf)

Neil Gibson (2014)  The best medicine? Psychotherapists’ experience of the impact of humour on the process of psychotherapy (DProf)

Susan Iacovou (2016)  The impact of active service on the intimate relationships of ex-servicemen: an existential-phenomenological study (DCPsych)

Emma Jartell (2017)  The experience of losing a sibling in adult life: An interpretative phenomenological analysis (DCPsych)

Aindri Jayasinghe (2016)  The experience of living with traumatic bereavement: an interpretative phenomenological analysis (DCPsych)

Joanne Kelly-Keogh (2014)  Making sense of the experience of anxiety, worry, and spontaneous images.  An interpretative phenomenological analysis of interviews with young adults who were using a student counselling service (DCPsych)

Syrita Khalef (2017)  The experience of taking anti-psychotic medication for schizophrenia: a thematic analysis of online video chat interviews (DCPsych)

Elizabeth Kock (2016)  The impact of a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome on women’s expectations of intimate relationships (DCPSych)

Christian Koebbel (2016)  Talking about life in a serious way: Existential-phenomenological therapeutic practice in primary care (DCPsych)

Neil Lamont (2015)  Is time of the essence? Experiential accounts from clients of time-limited existential therapy at an HIV counselling service (DCPsych)

Johanna Lindemann (2016)  Experiencing the “Other”: A Phenomenological Study of Being Bullied in the Workplace (DCPsych)

Charlotte Macgregor (2013)  An Existential Formulation of Transformative Experiences in Nature (DProf)

Evangelia Maragou (2015)  Raising awareness of clinical practice from an existential perspective with clients affected by cancer (DCPsych)

Julie McCarthy (2016)  A Body-changing Event? Exploring First-time Mothers’ Embodied Experiences in the Post-natal Period: A Hermeneutic-Phenomenological Study (within a small Island community) (DCPsych)

Marc Medina (2013)  The paradox of self surrender and self empowerment: an interpretative phenomenological investigation of the individual’s understanding of the higher power in Alcoholics Anonymous (DProf)

Gideon Menda (2014)  Teachers on fire: existential phenomenological analysis of teachers’ burnout in Israel (DProf)

Kimberly Moffit (2015)  The resilient entrepreneur: the use of successful coping behaviours to experience relief from emotional intensity by entrepreneurs in Canada (DCPsych)

Paul Olson (2016)  Experiences of mental illness, treatment and recovery in schizophrenia.  An existential-phenomenological exploration  (DCPsych)

Christina Richards (2016)  Trans sexuality: A phenomenological-hermeneutic enquiry into the sexuality of trans and non-binary people.  With implications for the practice of existential-phenomenological counselling psychology and psychotherapy (DCPsych)

Niklas Serning (2011)  International aid workers’ experience of support – an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (DCPsych)

Paula Seth (2017)  Being Opened: A hermeneutic phenomenologial enquiry into the existential psychotherapist's lived experience of wonder (DProf)

Nigel Smaller (2017)  Becoming a pilgrim: The Lived Experience of Men who Become Therapists Following a Former Career (DProf)

Anders Sorensen (2015)   Exploring learning outcomes in CBT and existential therapy in Denmark (DProf)

Andreas Vassilou (2017)   The Intersubjective Arena of the Psychotherapy for Psychosis: A Phenomenological Account of Therapists’ Experiences (DCPsych)

Sandra Westland (2017)   Being large: An interpretative phenomenological enquiry into the lived world of problematic weight (DProf)