Videos on the art of living, and other existential videos by Emmy van Deurzen

Downtrodden by others? Learn to see the magic of your own attitude

Emmy van Deurzen speaking to a client who feels unloved and uncared for about being active rather than reactive in relationship to others.

Loving your Life

Why the pursuit of happiness is not enough and why learning to live in a better way and improving yourself is worth doing. Talk by Prof. Emmy van Deurzen, existential therapists on learning to love your life.

Reality of Death

Facing the reality of our mortality can help us appreciate the miracle of life and consciousness

Selfish or selfless? Art of life in a nutshell

Emmy van Deurzen speaks of the self: how to make sure you are not selfish but take care of your self

An evening with Professor van Deurzen

Emmy speaking to a packed house at Queen Mary University, London

Questions to Emmy on BACP evening, and her answers

More interesting points by Emmy

A focus on anxiety

Emmy explains the existential approach to anxiety