New Logo

You may have noticed our emails have become a bit more colourful these days and it is all down to our new logo.  We have kept the theme of the tree, which is central to our brand at NSPC but we have updated the logo so that it is more user friendly and recognisable in this digital age.  We are very pleased with our new look and we hope you like it too.

Look out for a relaunch of our website soon.

Lapel Pins

As part of our new re-branding we have now produced an NSPC lapel pin.  These pins show our logo in gold on a black background and look very stylis

h on, as you can see below.  If you’d like a pin we are selling them for £5, available at the office and not just to be worn at NSPC!




Social Media

We also have a strong presence on social media and so please do follow us, where we will tweet and post about forthcoming events and happening at the New School and Existential Academy as well as retweeting articles, book reviews and other items we think our students will find interesting.


You can follow us on Twitter:

@NSPCinfo and @therapytraining        for news from NSPC

@existentialacad                                 for news from the Existential Academy

@lowcosttherapy                                 Dilemma Consultancy

@lifetrainings                                      Wise Living


@existherapy                                       Existential Therapy


@EmmyvanDeurzen                             Emmy’s personal twitter account

@DrClaireAB                                        Claire’s personal twitter account, using the hashtag #NSPCDCPsych for tweets directed to DCPsych students


We are also on Facebook:


We also have the following groups:

Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy training

The Existential Academy

New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling

Dilemma Consultancy 

Existential Therapy

Existential Coaching

World Confederation for Existential Therapy




Have a look at our Instagram account to:



Looking forward to seeing you online!