It's been quite a long time since our last newsletter, but we have not been idle during that time. NSPC has a record number of students, taking more courses than ever before. We have launched the MA in Existential and Humanistic Pastoral Care, and a very enthusiastic cohort of students is now in term two. Our MA in coaching has been relaunched in a new blended learning format. We are working on a new validated online course, the MA in working with diversity, which is due to run from this coming September, and our MSc in Autism and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders has completed one full cycle of teaching.
The MSc in Psychotherapy Studies, our first online course that was first taught 16 years ago has now been accepted as the theoretical element in a new training leading to UKCP registration.

It goes without saying that our doctoral courses, the DCPsych and the DProf continue to expand.

Our outstanding administrative staff are ever finding new ways to smooth the student experience. The completion of much of our student management system is contributing to this. As every small college knows, administration becomes ever more complex: we are gearing up for the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation, and no doubt after that there will be innovations that the newly formed Office for Students will require. More students than ever are using our online supervision tool, which has developed new features, and is now HIPAA compliant with more security and features than Skype.

A version of the system will be rolled out commercially this year, under the auspices of our sister company Ask the Therapist, for use by qualified therapists and supervisors who wish to provide online services in place of, or to supplement, their practice. We will be providing a three month free trial to early sign ups.