Bronwen Rees


Research Supervisor

Research Supervisor Supervised 6 students to Ph.D with particular emphasis on the development of phenomenological methods for the fields of critical organisational theory and management. Supervised around 100 Masters students. Set up and ran Research Programme for doctoral and professional doctoral programme at Anglia Ruskin University, and developed first research methods courses on masters programmes. I was External Examiner at the Karuna Institute for 4 years, ensuring quality across programmes Teaching Currently Programme lead at Matrix College of Counselling Psychotherapy, holding first year group throughout the year. Sit on curriculum committee advising on curriculum content. Developed research methods for third year students. Engaged in developing new course materials. Clinical Supervision Have full private psychotherapy practice, including some Karuna students – supervise/mentor several people working in different areas: bodywork, yoga and therapy, exploring and developing their own practices and businesses. Background At Anglia Ruskin University I built up a research community of like-minded scholars and practitioners through various different research and teaching projects. I created a team dedicated to exploring the potential of contemplation in organisations, and providing a critique of current managerial practices. This was one of the earliest attempts to introduce mindfulness practices into organisations. A major part of this work was the creation of creative phenomenological research methods in order to find ways of interpreting the work for managerial studies I founded , developed and edited the journal Interconnections for Anglia Ruskin University which brought together academics, practitioners, thinkers from across the globe in articulating new forms of practice, based upon rigorous analysis of the current and past conditions. I have put together international teams to present these cross-over practices that have been highlighted in various areas. I have published widely in multidisciplinary areas, presented conference papers and talks internationally. I have been invited to give talks and run workshops in different contexts. Alongside and prior to my academic career, I worked as a training and editorial consultant for open learning materials, including the Open University, developing materials at many different levels. I edited and produced a magazine for a leading consultancy company. I was also trained as copy-editor at Cambridge University Press many years ago. I would be interested in developing and working with on-line courses. From 2005 to 2015, I established the ‘East West Sanctuary’ in Hungary, setting up a retreat centre for innovative cross-discipline studies and meetings. I am particularly interested in the existential approach, as open inquiry into the suffering and meaning of life informs my own psychotherapeutic approach. My training in core process psychotherapy is particularly suited to the primary importance of the nature and quality of the here-and-now therapeutic relationship emphasised within the existential school. This is combined with my own long-standing meditation practice and on-going personal and academic inquiry into the relationship between the inner world and outer world of the human being and the limits of ‘knowledge’. I am constantly engaged in the exploration of new ideas and old ideas, and how these can be translated into fruitful relationships and feel that NCPC would be a place to continue this inquiry. Some of these ideas are published on my website:

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