Gulnar Ali

BA, MA, MSc, PhD

Research Supervisor

PhD, MSc, MA, FHEA, FRSPH, Master Practitioner EMCC, UK.

I diligently blend ontological and humanistic perspectives to mental health and wellbeing. With a particular interest in the ontological aspect of human phenomenon, my professional background ranges wide spectrum of teaching, clinical practice and research experience in Spirituality, Existential care, Medical Anthropology, Nursing Philosophy and Islamic studies. I am passionate to expand the notion of healing and wellbeing through authenticity.

Topics: [Existential Philosophy, Life course and Wellbeing, Palliative care and Spirituality, Spirituality in Nursing Education, Authenticity and Leadership]

Recent publications:

Ali G., Lalani, N. (2020). Approaching spiritual and existential care needs in health education: Applying SOPHIE (Self-exploration through Ontological, Phenomenological, and Humanistic, Ideological, and Existential expressions), as practice methodology.  Religions.  (Special issue: Psychology, Spirituality and Religion);11, 451; doi:10.3390/rel11090451

Lalani, N. and Ali, G. (2020). Methodological and ethical challenges while conducting qualitative research on spirituality and end of life in a Muslim context: a guide to novice researchers. International Journal of Palliative Nursing. 26(7): 362-370. doi: 10.12968/ijpn.2020.26.7.362.

Ali G., Snowden M. (2019) SOPHIE (Self-Exploration Through Ontological, Phenomenological, Humanistic, Ideological and Existential Expressions): A Mentoring Framework. In: Snowden M., Halsall J. (eds) Mentorship, Leadership, and Research. International Perspectives on Social Policy, Administration, and Practice. Springer, Cham.

Wattis, J., Rogers, M., Ali., G. and Curran, S. (2019). Bringing Spirituality and Wisdom into Practice. In: Practice Wisdom: Values and Interpretations, Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Brill-Sense Publishers. Doi:

Ali, G., Snowden, M., Wattis, J., and Roger, M. (2018). Spirituality in Nursing Education: Knowledge and practice gaps. In:  International Journal of Multidisciplinary Comparative Studies, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Comparative Studies, Volume 5 Nos. 1-3, 2018, pp.27—49.

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