Former Students

Some of our students have gone on to a psychotherapy training, others have successfully completed their training in our partner training institutes and are now working as psychotherapists.  Some students have gone on to complete doctorates.  Many of our students have told us that they feel reinvigorated with their existing work as counsellors.  Here is a selection of  what our students from around the world have said about their experience. 


"I have now spent six years, over the last thirty, in higher education....this course... is without doubt the most challenging, thought provoking and interesting I have ever done."

A Sheffield student


“It was a wonderful experience and a very good designed course. I feel sorry that we finished it.” 

An Albanian student


Materials in the lessons were very useful and I much appreciate a possibility to meet colleagues on chat every week. I feel satisfied with this kind of learning.“ 

A Czech Republic student


“I think that the course is useful, because it gives me a lot of freedom, and possibility of fast  and deep communication with my colleagues and my tutor.“  

A Czech Republic student


“I guess one of the greatest benefits of the course, is the way we are engaged in reflection about the major themes in psychotherapy and the “problems” of human condition."

An Irish student


The contact with colleagues and the tutors was also very positive and helpful in our professional practice and personal development.”

 A Portuguese student


"The units are probably one of the closest to perfection ways of teaching/learning, and the most appropriate to my own style of gathering data. It’s still a shame I didn’t have enough time to spend learning more, for that I apologize. Regarding the last question, I‘ve already recommended this course to others." 

A Romanian student


“The distance learning doesn’t affect relationship between students. In fact, it seems  the perfect way to make new friends , to gain new skills and to achieve a better understanding of the core concepts in psychotherapy.”

A Romanian student


“The fact that the course evolves through the participation and contribution from the students, encourages further research and increases confidence of the participants!” 

A Romanian student


“The Units are an innovative and creative way of learning theoretical topics in psychotherapy.  The weekly chats are essential as a means of clarification and motivation in this learning process…  I was surprised at how interesting it was to collaborate with other students – some who I hadn’t met – and develop a sense of camaraderie in the process of learning at a distance.” 

A UK Student


“I have really enjoyed my learning in this environment... I would really like to express to you how I feel I have grown and how valuable I have found the course.” 

A UK Student