PG Cert Working with Disability or Ageing

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Course Description

The programme aims:
  • To critically examine the concepts of disability, enablement, and aging
  • To examine the processes of hostile discrimination in which another’s disability or age may lead to covert or overt persecution
  • To familiarize students with the ethical and legal principles for supporting people with disability
  • To provide regular opportunities to share personal reactions and experiences of practice enabling them to engage and assist people who experience hostile discrimination as a result of disability
  • To enhance ethical awareness of disability and age, and its links to social exclusion, marginalization, and loneliness
  • To demonstrate how theory can be critically evaluated
  • To develop their ability to communicate theoretical understanding
  • To teach research skills relevant to psychotherapy theory and practice
  • To demonstrate the use of an online environment for teaching and training
  • To enhance the ability to work collaboratively with others