MA in Existential Coaching

About the Course

Course Duration
2 years.
Available Study Modes
Intensive Study or Online

Course Description

NSPC is at the forefront of the exciting, emerging field of existential coaching. Our courses were launched in 2010 and our standards are second to none. Existential coaching is a uniquely philosophical and deeply relational way of examining the paradoxes and challenges of human existence so as to empower clients to move forward in an authentic and reflective way.

Drawing on psychotherapeutic literature and on existential philosophy, we teach coaches to work in a holistic way, engaging with the unique world of each client. Existential coaches encourage clients to look at issues such as meaning, authenticity, freedom, choice and responsibility, and how these come into play in their lives. Our trainees learn how to handle emotion in the coaching relationship. We encourage all trainees to go much further than applying coaching frameworks or tools.

The MA in Existential Coaching is validated by Middlesex University, leading to an MA awarded by MIddlesex University.

We welcome applications from candidates with a relevant first degree or its equivalent and a demonstrable interest in the field.

Successful completion of this 2-year programme leads to a sufficient number of hours of training and coaching practice for candidates to be able to apply for membership of the International Coaching Federation and various other coaching qualification schemes.  

The latest course fees are available here.

Year 1 Modules:

  • Philosophical Worldviews, Religion & Belief Systems (online)
  • Existential & Human Issues (online)
  • Social, Cultural & Ethical Issues (online)
  • Skills in Existential Coaching (3 terms face-to-face)

Year 2 Modules:

  • Overview of Research Methods (online)
  • Advanced Existential Coaching and Existential Leadership (face-to-face)
  • Ethical Dilemmas and Ethical Practice (face-to-face)
  • Supervision of Practice (3 terms online)
  • Research Supervision and Final Project (15,000 words)

Programme of Study

Year 1

  • Existential & Human Issues
  • Philosophical Worldviews, Religions and Belief Systems
  • Skills in Existential Coaching 3/3
  • Skills in Existential Pastoral Care & Coaching 1/3
  • Skills in Existential Pastoral Care & Coaching 2/3
  • Social, Cultural & Ethical Issues

Year 2

  • Advanced Existential Coaching and Existential Leadership
  • Ethical Dilemmas & Practice (face to face)
  • Overview of Research Methods
  • Programme Planning/Research Planning
  • Research Project
  • Y2 Coaching Supervision 1/3
  • Y2 Coaching Supervision 2/3
  • Y2 Coaching Supervision 3/3
  • Y2 Research Supervision 2/3
  • Y2 Research supervision 3/3