Dawn Farrow Steps Down

  • Existential Academy, London
  • Tuesday 20th November 2018

We regret to announce that Dawn Farrow is stepping down from the roles of Office Manager and Bursar.

I have been with the NSPC since 1 December 2006. Back then Emmy and I worked out of a few tiny rooms in a draughty former hospital in Waterloo. We gradually increased our staffing levels, leading to working with Sasha and an entire team. For various reasons, we moved offices twice during this time. Our present location at the Existential Academy feels like home. I've followed the challenges and achievements of everyone, staff and students alike, and am proud to have been part of this journey.

I would like to thank everyone that I have met during my time at NSPC. It has been, and will always be a very rewarding experience.

I hope NSPC will continue to thrive, with the vision Emmy instilled on me during my interview in my red jersey and dirty jeans (one of the many stories I have).

I will miss it all.