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Alumni Progress

4th Feb '19

Graduate of the NSPC MSc in Autism and Related Neurodevelopment conditions, Kim Rüfenacht started her PhD at the University of Portsmouth this academic year. Kim explains her research:

How to become a psychotherapist

19th Oct '18

Professor Digby Tantam provides some insight into how to become a psychotherapist with details of the common elements of psychotherapy training.

The Interbrain

24th Apr '18

Arguing that our brains are wirelessly connected though non-verbal communication, Principal Digby Tantam presents research in a new book to show how our brains are linked in unexpected ways.

A New Image for 2018

1st Mar '18

The new year sees us launch our new corporate identity, new logo and, before long, our new logo.

NSPC's reaction to Brexit

24th Jun '16

The NSPC wishes to outlines it's policy and outlook in response to the referendum result.

The First World Congress of Existential Therapy is Over

18th May '15

The First World Congress of Existential Therapy, organised by NSPC on behalf of the Existential Academy, is over. And it was wonderful!

NSPC Moves into It's New Home

31st Oct '14

NSPC are delighted to move into their new premises at the Existential Academy in West Hampstead, London.