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Congratulations to Dr Melvyn Flitman

28th Jan '21

Congratulations to Dr Melvyn Flitman on passing their Viva.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Feigin

28th Jan '21

Elizabeth Feigin : who passed their Viva with no corrections. The title of their work being: "An existential exploration of the experience of coming out in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Congratulations to Alistair McBeath

19th Jan '21

Alistair McBeath : who has co-authored the new book "Enjoying Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy"

Congratulations to Andrew M Sleater

17th Dec '20

Andrew M. Sleater: His article: Impact of the Therapist's "Use of Selfˮ

Congratulations to Victoria Muschietti-Piana

15th Dec '20

Victoria Muschietti-Piana: Her dissertation being: The Impact of the IY® Autism program on parent feelings of self-efficacy

Coronavirus Update

5th Oct '20

During the COVID-19 crisis all teaching, research, and supervision will be online.

What should pastoral care look like in the 21st century?

28th Sep '20

Paul Hurst, graduate of our MA in Existential and Humanist Pastoral Care, publishes his research in BACP Thresholds and the NRPSN.

An Update on Black Lives Matter

17th Jul '20

A summary of developments in support of Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter and our BAME Communities

5th Jun '20

A statement from NSPC

Carrying on safely under COVID

21st May '20

COVID is not going away quickly. So here are our plans to continue with a full teaching programme, safely

Free access to online study resources during the COVID-19 pandemic

6th Apr '20

Our librarian's pick of online materials to assist you studying at home. List crated 1 April 2020

Dealing with the current emergency

23rd Mar '20

How NSPC are enabling teaching, learning, and assessment to continue online.