Digby Tantam

FRCPsych, MA, PhD, CPsychol, FBPsS

Deputy Principal

I am a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and psychologist with interests in autism spectrum disorder, existential philosophy, and group psychotherapy.  My publications include 'The Interbrain' (about the involuntary connections between the brains of people who are within sight of each other),  'Reasons and psychological explanation. International Journal Of Psychotherapy, 7(2), 165-173,2002' (in which I argue that reasons for acts may be synonymous with the causes of acts, but may also be justifications for acts that have a causal effect by changing the psychosocial consequences of an act), and 'The flavour of emotions. Psychol Psychother., 76(Pt 1), 23-45, 2003'  (arguing that events, objects, and experiences become embued  with the flavour of the emotions that they engender in participants, and therefore have the power to rekindle the same emotions in participants at a later date).



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