The DCPsych programme

Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 12.00am

It is a pleasure to see so many developments in our course, and the completion of many interesting research projects, of which a growing number are being submitted for publication. We have now added an additional teaching day (on a Thursday) to accommodate student numbers, and are moving some of our courses online along with pre-recorded lectures by staff members to accompany the learning materials. 

I work closely with Dr. Neil Lamont and Prof. Emmy van Deurzen, who is the course leader, to maintain our handbooks and syllabi so that they reflect the latest developments in psychology and psychology teaching, and liaise closely with other course leaders in the British Psychological Society as well as with our own staff and students.  

We have introduced a new mobile phone-based feedback system to capture as much student feedback as possible to capture this feedback as promptly as possible but we are also looking for year representatives to feedback into the Boards of Studies, which are going online to make it more convenient for intensive students, who might otherwise have to travel long distances, to attend. 

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