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Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 12.00am

NSPC is very much a global enterprise! Around half of our doctoral students are non-UK based, living all over the World, and so bringing to NSPC a fantastic variety of experiences and perspectives. As a member of the UKCP International Committee, the training experience of students living in other countries and the local registration process is something I’m particularly interested in hearing more about. UKCP is keen to develop existing and create new international relationships, so your comments would be most welcome.

We are always striving to further enhance the learning experience at NSPC and a key part of that is feedback from you on how we are doing. We have recently been refining our process to ensure that student feedback on modules are circulated at the end of term. Please do take the time to complete this as it helps us better understand how we are doing. With this in mind, we are currently short of student representatives attending our Boards of Studies and we ideally look for two representatives for each year of study on each programme (a UK and an overseas rep for each year would be great!). If you are interested, do get in touch with the office for further information. Middlesex University issue certificates to students who carry out this function in recognition of their efforts and it could be a fine addition to your CV.

The UPCA has approved our new clinical pathway for graduates of the MSc in Psychotherapy Studies, and I will be coordinating that.  I am coordinating with Middlesex University to implement the Government's strategy on the prevention of terrorism (PREVENT), and I am working with Digby Tantam to develop the Existential Academy Research Centre.

Finally, I now organize three streams of the Foundation Course for the Existential Academy.  


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