From the Principal, Prof. Emmy van Deurzen

Tuesday 31st January 2017 at 12.00am

We have had a record number of successful doctoral vivas over the past months and we are very proud of all the wonderful research our doctoral students are doing.  We are grateful to the many examiners who have contributed to this process.  Elsewhere in the news, one of our recent doctoral graduates, Aindri Jayesinghe, gives  a blow by blow account of the experience.  The viva creates trepidation in many hearts, but Aindri seems not to have found it as fearful as she expected. 

We still look back to our 20th. anniversary last year, and the conference on Philosophy and Psychotherapy that the Existential Academy organized on our behalf in the British Library (videos are still for sale from the Existential Academy at  

The Existential Academy is a sister company of ours and sponsors local seminars and training events, continuing professional practice events, as well as providing the foundation course that leads to our degree programmes. We have a short news item from them, as well as from the low cost clinic provided in our premises by another sister company, Dilemma Consultancy Ltd. 

The first year of our newest course, the MSc in Autism and Related Neurodevelopmental Conditions, has been completed successfully and we already have approval, subject to validation, for two brand new programmes--the MA in Existential and Humanist Pastoral Care, and the MA in Working with Diversity.  The MA in Existential and Humanist Pastoral Care is being developed in association with the British Humanist Association, and will lead to a recognized chaplaincy qualification. 

We have become concerned like many academics about restrictions to students coming from abroad, and this has become acute with the apparently now inevitable decision to exit from the common market.  This has had an immediate effect on the security of EU nationals living in the UK, some of whom work closely with NSPC as staff or students.  I have therefore, as someone with both Dutch and British nationality, to become involved in some of the campaigns to ensure their rights.  One consequence of this is that I have recently appeared a number of times on ITV London news, BBC London news, and Look North.  I shall continue to do what I can to facilitate the freedom of movement of our current and future students.  

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