MSc in Autism and Related Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Course Fees 2016-2017 


Year of Course
Modules to be
Completed in Year
Fee Payable per Year 
(if no modules need to be repeated)
1 4 £3520
2 6 £5160


Guidance Notes

  • There is a £50 application fee for all courses. 
  • An advance payment of £100 is required in part fulfilment of the first term’s course fees on acceptance of a place on a course.  This cannot be refunded if you withdraw after you have confirmed your acceptance of a place.
  • You will pay according to the number of modules that you study.  The fee for each module is £880. There is a procedure for recognizing accredited learning, approving prior learning, where appropriate.  You will be asked to submit evidence to support the accreditation or approval of any module where you believe that you already meet the learning outcomes of the module, and there will be a £100 for each and every submission.  No fee is payable for modules that are credited to you once your submission is successful.
  • The typical cost of the whole course is shown in the tables below, but the actual cost may be greater if you have to repeat modules for whatever reason.

NB you should also expect to pay for books.