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  • Professional Certificate - Existential Supervision & Group Leadership
    Professional Certificate_
    Existential Supervision &  Group Leadership

    The Certificate in Existential Supervision and Group Leadership is a one-year part-time course which may be counted towards BPS supervisor registration (for students who are also chartered psychologists) and to  partially fulfilling the criteria of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervisor Accreditation scheme.

  • MA in - Existential Coaching
    MA in_
    Existential Coaching

    The Master of Arts in Existential Coaching is validated by Middlesex University and leads to an MA degree awarded by the University.   Successful completion of this 2-year programme leads to a sufficient number of hours of training and coaching practice for candidates to be able to apply for membership of the International Coaching Federation and various other coaching qualification schemes.  

  • DCPsych in - Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy by Professional Studies
    DCPsych in_
    Counselling Psychology &  Psychotherapy by  Professional Studies

    This is a joint Middlesex University and New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling programme. It will lead to a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy with a specialization in existential counselling psychology.

  •  - CPD Courses
    CPD Courses

    NSPC has a full programme of workshops and short courses.  Established trained professionals may take any of these courses for the purpose of continuing professional development (CPD).  This includes any of our modules from the online MSc in Psychotherapy Studies, which can be taken as one off CPD events. NSPC will provide certificates for successful completion of any of its CPD courses. 

  • MSc in - Psychotherapy Studies
    MSc in_
    Psychotherapy Studies


    This distance-learning course--taught totally online--is  validated by Middlesex University,  and leads to an MSc awarded by Middlesex.  We welcome students from anywhere in the world. The course covers all of the sciences basic to psychotherapy (following the curriculum for the European Certificate of Psychotherapy). 

  • DProf in -  Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling by Professional Studies
    DProf in_
    Existential Psychotherapy &  Counselling by  Professional Studies

    This is a joint Middlesex University and New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling programme. It will lead to a Doctorate  by Professional Studies in Psychotherapy and Counselling with a specialization in existential psychotherapy

  • Certificate in  - Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching
    Certificate in _
    Psychotherapy, Counselling &  Coaching

    The foundation course in psychotherapy, counselling and coaching can be taken on a weekly or on an intensive basis and presents three terms of study and training, leads to the NSPC foundation certificate in psychotherapy and counselling.   This, or an equivalent foundation certificate is a requirement for entry onto one of our post-graduate courses. 

  • Teaching in Kiev
    Teaching in Kiev
  • Teaching at Gignesthai
    Teaching at Gignesthai
  • Graduation Ceremony 2013
    Graduation Ceremony 2013

Who are NSPC?

  • Our Principal

    Emmy van Deurzen, principal of NSPC, is a founder and a director of the New School. She is a chartered counselling psychologist and registered existential psychotherapist. Emmy has published 11 books on existential psychotherapy, and her contribution to the field has been recognized by a life-time achievement award at International Conference on Meaning, in Toronto in July 2012

  • We have over 50 teaching consultants who are qualified and experienced existential psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and practised teachers and trainers.

    We have a team of approximately 20 doctoral supervisors all of whom are academics with an established research record of their own and a commitment to the highest standards in doctoral research supervision.

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  • Deputy principal

    Digby is, with Emmy, a director and co-founder of NSPC. He has worked as a psychiatrist in the NHS for over forty years, and as a University Professor for over twenty. In addition to being the Deputy Principal of NSPC, he is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Sheffield and has an honorary appointment at the University of Cambridge.


Existential psychotherapists understand that emotional crises are devastating, and need help to be resolved, but also believe that resolution can lead to a deeper sense of meaning in life and therefore enhanced well-being and life satisfaction.  The teaching and training provided by the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling is always based in life experience and in the realization that academic and professional training have to be complemented by a deep understanding of life experience.  And also some fun, too.